[postgis-users] Automated Builds New Virtual Team Members

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Sat Sep 15 17:02:23 PDT 2012

As some people may have noticed we've been beefing up our build and regress
infrastructure currently with the creation of 2 build bots

Debbie: a Debian jenkins bot that builds the PostGIS 2.0 (I just put in a
job to do that so 2.0.2 branch tar balls are now being built again, PostGIS
2.0/2.1 docs etc.,
PostGIS 2.1.0 tarballs.

Bborie Park has been extremely helpful in working out the kinks.  A Big
thanks to Bborie :)

We still have the doxygen, and 1.5 branches to put in and also plans for
building international documentation (which Sandro Santilli and George are
working on)

You may have seen Debbie chatting on PostGIS IRC as well, and she will also
comment on changes and complain on that IRC when regessions fail.

Winnie: Is the Window jenkins bot that will eventaully be building all the
windows experimental builds.

She currently builds the PosTGIS 2.1 branch and will soon be building the
PostGIS 2.0 branch as well 2.0.2SVN for windows. She is currently also
building the latest jdbc jar

Anyway if all could test out the new tar balls 


For windows users: The experimental builds that would be helpful


As far as Windows 9.2 2.0.1 that some people have complained about -- we are
working on those
And should have at least the zip file, and probably the installer on PostGIS
site early-mid this week

Then sometime hopefully next week also available on Stack builder.

Regina and Leo

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