[postgis-users] Elevation profiles from rasters

Rasmus Aveskogh rasmus at defero.se
Fri Aug 22 13:09:34 PDT 2014


How hard/feasible would it be to implement elevation profile/drape line functionality in PostGIS? Since PostGIS already depends on GDAL I assume making use of the GDAL API would make this quite easy, such as in the Zoo-Project service:


Providing functionality that could eventually be used for applications like: http://www.zoo-project.org/site/ZooWebSite/Demo/GdalProfile (using the code above)

I’m currently using an ad-hoc PostGIS-function to pull out elevation profiles from my rasters, but it’s quite slow and CPU intensive and as such does not make a good fit as a backend service for a web application like the above.

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