[postgis-users] Changing Column data type from WKB to LATLON

Evan Phillippi ev_phil at rocketmail.com
Mon Jul 14 13:06:27 PDT 2014


I am attempting to store some gps coordinates that i collected for a geospatial db in precision ag.  I created a table with a geometry column called "Coordinates"  using the command "Coordinates" geometry(Point,4326).  I then populated the column using the command ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(-89.53580,44.12101), 4326));
This populates the coordinate table with a string in WKB.  Is there a way I can covert the output values of the entire column from WKB to the raw lat,lon values.  I have tried the alter table command    ALTER TABLE "Customers"ALTER COLUMN "Coordinates" TYPE geometry(St_AsLatLonText), 4326));  but with no luck. 

Im relatively new to sql and postgres,  I would certainly appreciate any help.

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