[postgis-users] Building postgis on solaris 11

Phillip Ross phillip.w.g.ross+postgis-users at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 11:09:29 PST 2014


I'm attempting to build postgis-2.1.1 on solaris 11.1 and was hoping to
find some assistance.  I've built postgres(9.3.3 64bit), proj(4.8.0 64bit),
geos(3.4.2 64bit), json-c(0.11 64bit), and gdal(1.10.1 64bit), and I point
the postgis compilation to these dependencies.  The configure script in
postgis runs fine, but the compilation trips up in a place that has me

The following is my configure line:

CFLAGS="-m64" CXXFLAGS="-m64" LDFLAGS="-m64" ./configure \
    --prefix=$HOME/postgis \
    --with-geosconfig=$HOME/postgis/bin/geos-config \
    --with-projdir=$HOME/postgis \
    --with-gdalconfig=$HOME/postgis/bin/gdal-config \

The following is the output of the configure script:
PostGIS is now configured for i386-pc-solaris2.11
 -------------- Compiler Info -------------
  C compiler:           gcc -m64
  C++ compiler:         g++ -m64
  SQL preprocessor:
 -------------- Dependencies --------------
  GEOS config:          /export/home/pgsql/postgis/bin/geos-config
  GEOS version:         3.4.2
  GDAL config:          /export/home/pgsql/postgis/bin/gdal-config
  GDAL version:         1.10.1
  PostgreSQL config:    /export/home/pgsql/pgsql/bin/pg_config
  PostgreSQL version:   PostgreSQL 9.3.3
  PROJ4 version:        48
  Libxml2 config:       /usr/bin/xml2-config
  Libxml2 version:      2.7.6
  JSON-C support:       yes
  PostGIS debug level:  0
  Perl:                 /usr/bin/perl
 --------------- Extensions ---------------
  PostGIS Raster:       enabled
  PostGIS Topology:     enabled
  SFCGAL support:       disabled
 -------- Documentation Generation --------
  xsltproc:             /usr/bin/xsltproc
  xsl style sheets:     /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets
  mathml2.dtd:          http://www.w3.org/Math/DTD/mathml2/mathml2.dtd

When I run the compilation with a simple "gmake" invocation... lots of
compilation happens, but after some time it stops with an error. The
following is the end of the output:

gcc -m64 -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wpointer-arith
-Wdeclaration-after-statement -Wendif-labels -Wmissing-format-attribute
-Wformat-security -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -fexcess-precision=standard
-fPIC -shared -o postgis-2.1.sopostgis_module.o lwgeom_accum.o
lwgeom_spheroid.o lwgeom_ogc.o lwgeom_functions_analytic.o lwgeom_inout.o
lwgeom_functions_basic.o lwgeom_btree.o lwgeom_box.o lwgeom_box3d.o
lwgeom_geos.o lwgeom_backend_api.o lwgeom_geos_prepared.o
lwgeom_geos_clean.o lwgeom_geos_relatematch.o lwgeom_export.o
lwgeom_in_gml.o lwgeom_in_kml.o lwgeom_in_geohash.o lwgeom_in_geojson.o
lwgeom_triggers.o lwgeom_dump.o lwgeom_dumppoints.o lwgeom_functions_lrs.o
long_xact.o lwgeom_sqlmm.o lwgeom_rtree.o lwgeom_transform.o
gserialized_typmod.o gserialized_gist_2d.o gserialized_gist_nd.o
gserialized_estimate.o geography_inout.o geography_btree.o
geography_measurement.o geography_measurement_trees.o geometry_inout.o
 ../libpgcommon/libpgcommon.a ../liblwgeom/.libs/liblwgeom.a
 -L/export/home/pgsql/postgis/lib -L/export/home/pgsql/postgis/lib -lgeos_c
-lproj -L/export/home/pgsql/postgis/lib -ljson-c -lxml2
I../libpgcommon postgis.sql.in | grep -v '^#' | \
/usr/bin/perl -lpe "s'MODULE_PATHNAME'\$libdir/postgis-2.1'g" > postgis.sql
/bin/sh: line 1: I../libpgcommon: not found
/usr/bin/perl ../utils/create_undef.pl postgis.sql 93 >
cat postgis_drop_before.sql postgis.sql postgis_drop_after.sql >
/usr/bin/perl ../utils/postgis_proc_upgrade.pl postgis_upgrade_20_21.sql.in 2.0
> postgis_upgrade_20_21.sql
Unable to locate target new version number in postgis_upgrade_20_21.sql.in
gmake[1]: *** [postgis_upgrade_20_21.sql] Error 255
gmake[1]: *** Deleting file `postgis_upgrade_20_21.sql'
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/pgsql/src/postgis-2.1.1/postgis'
gmake: *** [all] Error 1

I'm not sure if the problem has something to do with libpqcommon or perl or
sql scripts.  In looking at the postgis_proc_upgrade.pl script, it appears
to be looking for "INSTALL VERSION" string or something to populate the
to_version, but there is no instance of INSTALL VERSION in the sql script
that is being processed.

Anybody have any idea how I could further troubleshoot this?

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