[postgis-users] Recent update to GDAL(?) broke PostGIS

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Wed Mar 12 12:11:18 PDT 2014

On 3/12/2014 12:43 PM, Jayson Gallardo wrote:
> A while ago, our Ubuntu server was updated. One of the updates included
> an update to gdal 1.10. Ever since then, our application no longer
> works. PostGIS throws an error:
>     select postgis_full_version();
>     ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/rtpostgis-2.0": No such file
>     or directory
>     CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT postgis_gdal_version()"
>     PL/pgSQL function "postgis_full_version" line 22 at SQL statement

How about reverting back to the prior gdal?

I assume the problem is rtpostgis-2.1.so is linked to gdal 1.9 or 
something.  You can check with "ldd rtpostgis-2.1.so"

I dunno where your rtpostgis-2.1.so would be.  Mine is in:

But your certainly wont be there.


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