[postgis-users] Performance comparison between PostGIS's topology creation and topojson (the module)

Luca Morandini lmorandini at ieee.org
Mon Mar 17 17:04:27 PDT 2014

On 18/03/14 10:28, Stephen V. Mather wrote:
> I don't know.  Javascript is pretty fast these days. Given this and 1) no
> database overhead, 2) Not the same level of completeness to the algorithm, I
> would not be surprised by the JS being faster, in fact I'd expect it.

Certainly transactions are an overhead, but closeness to the data should be an 
advantage (though not that large for small datasets).

Actually, I presume adding one geometry at a time may be the real performance 
killer, compared with knowing in advance all the geometries that make the topology.


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