[postgis-users] Creating trajectory/lines from millions of points [PostGIS]

Oliver Burgfeld oliver.burgfeld at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 22:08:40 PST 2014


I have millions of points in a PostGIS database containing taxi gps tracks.
Now I want to create lines from these points by vehicleid and ordered by
timestamp. But, and that's my problem right now, at first I want to include
every column of my point table into the "line table" and I also need to
intersect those lines at specific points.

I have one column representing the "taxi_is_occupied" status with 0 or 1.

What I want now is to create lines which are divided every time this status
changes. In the end I need lines which show the path of every taxi over
time, divided every time the status of the car changes so that I can query
all lines where the taxi is occupied, for example.

What do I have to use therefore? I know that there is the ST_MakeLines tool
existing in PostGIS, but as I am a new PostGIS user... I do not know
exactly how to use it to get the results I need.

Thanks a lot
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