[postgis-users] Issues with compiling PostGIS 1.5.8 on FreeBSD

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Sun Jan 18 18:52:08 PST 2015


> pg_dump: Error message from server: ERROR:  Unknown geometry type:
-1099038720 - Unknown
Sadly doesn't work if you don't have a working database which it sounds like
you've got 1.5 data with 2.1 binaries. Kindof a mess.

> So my best idea was to pull 1.5.3 (most recent used by ports) and 1.5.8
(most recent available from source), 
> go through the files from
http://svn.freebsd.org/ports/tags/RELEASE_9_2_0/databases/postgis/ and try
to find the needed flags etc.

Well if we assume 1.5.3 worked and that is the last FreeBSD used, I would
compile with 1.5.3.  All the older source tarballs  are here 


In case you didn't know.

It's just as easy to hard upgrade from 1.5.3 as it is from 1.5.8 so no real
benefit using 1.5.8 if you plan to migrate to 2.1 anyway.

It's quite possible we broke 1.5.8 on FreeBSD and given few people are using
1.5 and none of the PostGIS dev team has a dev box running FreeBSD, we would
have missed the break unless FreeBSD package maintainers complained (which
they did when we broke 2.1 on FreeBSD :) ).

Hope that helps,

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