[postgis-users] Possible for ST_Intersects to not include the perimeter?

Joseph Spenner joseph85750 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 14:01:17 PST 2015

For the record, my best guess (which didn't work) was:
select ST_Asgeojson( geom ) from polys where ST_Intersects(ST_GeomFromGeoJSON('$jsonPoly'), geom)=TRUE and ST_Touches(ST_GeomFromGeoJSON('$jsonPoly'), geom)=FALSE

Since 'touch' seemed to be the way to address the perimeter points.  But apparently this is not the case.

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 Subject: Possible for ST_Intersects to not include the perimeter?
I have a polygon as an input, and I'm trying to find all polygons which share points, but not the perimiter points themselves.  Is this possible?
Real application:  I have NWS polygons describing Thunderstorm Warnings, which are made up of counties within the state.  Some of those counties might be on the edge of the state.  I want to query my database to show me all Warnings which are in a supplied state.  However, if I query the adjacent state which borders the counties from the first state, I get those Warnings because they share the same parimeter points.
Is there a way to construct a query which will not return anything if the only points in common are the perimeter values themselves?
I tried a few variations on ST_Intersects/ST_Covers/ST_Contains/ST_Overlaps, supplying various AND/OR and TRUE/FALSE combinatins, but I can't seem to get the right combo to accomplish my task.
Any help would be great.
Regards,Joseph Spenner

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