[postgis-users] [postgis-devel] postgis extension sans raster (only for folks who can't compile with raster support) - PSC Vote and developer/packager comments please

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Oct 27 15:49:01 PDT 2015

How many folks are unable to compile postgis with raster or have a package that has no raster support and who REALLY REALLY want to be able to install postgis with:


This is a repost of a conversation I started in PostGIS -develop which I probably should have cc'd PostGIS users on.  It seems not too many people on dev have issue compiling with GDAL support.

The issue discussed is that since postgis raster is part of the postgis extension, if people choose to compile without raster support because they can't get GDAL to work (despite being discouraged), they can not do


They have to resort to the old way of using postgis contrib scripts to install.

My proposition  

was still have a postgis that has raster support (as breaking it out at this point would be  headache particularly for the person who has to deal with the upgrade ramifications) and a big headache for people who use raster heavily as now they'd have two extensions to bother with.

That said the proposition in a nutshell is this

1) Still have raster as default and you still need to explicitly ask for --without-raster
2) If you ask for --without-raster, you'll get an extension called  "postgis" with no raster functions in it, but with an extension version number that reads  2.3.0-no-raster

So a query like this if you compiled without raster:

FROM pg_available_extensions()
WHERE name = 'postgis';

Would read:

  name   | default_version |                               comment
 postgis | 2.3.0-no-raster     | PostGIS geometry and geography  spatial types and functions
(1 row)

Instead of:

  name   | default_version |                               comment
 postgis | 2.3.0           | PostGIS geometry, geography, and raster spatial types and functions
(1 row)

Which means people who have postgis without raster support can follow the world renowned instructions:


Like everyone else and all the other postgis extensions postgis_topology, postgis_tiger_geocoder will be built as well.

The main downside to this is
1) you have a postgresql postgis extension that may not have any raster functions and one that goes by same extension name postgis with raster support.
Though I claim this is clear from the version number and description :)
2) It does mean it’s a bit easier for packager maintainers to package a postgis without raster support which is both good and bad
-- good for older systems where an old antiquated gdal is not readily available so they can still package a newer postgis for it.
-- bad for users who rely on package maintainers and really want raster support as their package maintainer might just decide not to bother with raster.

If there is enough interest, I will reopen the ticket I closed and create and RFC as Paul Ramsey suggested to flesh out the complete details of this and how upgrading would work
For folks coming from a postgis without raster non-extension version to a postgis without raster extension version.


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On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 03:39:29PM -0400, Paragon Corporation wrote:
> I've retracted.  Seems not enough interest for this and could lead to confusion.
> Or maybe I should have asked on postgis-users :)

That's a good idea.
Ask on postgis-users if there's any interest about being able to install postgis with no raster support.

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