[postgis-users] Problem by using raster function ST_Clip

Michael Werner Maur michael.maur at vermkv.rlp.de
Fri Apr 1 03:41:37 PDT 2016


I am using Postgis Raster in POSTGIS 2.1.5 on PostgreSQL 9.4.5 on Ubuntu 15.04
32-bit system.
I using ST_Clip to clip a huge number of GeoTiff Files by the geometry field of
another POSTGIS table. In most cases it works real good. Here my  an example for
the request I use:

SELECT ST_Clip(a.rast, ST_Buffer(b.geom, 1.7)) AS clip_rast, a.rid, b.id_bplan
FROM raster_tab a LEFT JOIN umringe_tab b ON a_filename = b.datei_bez;

In some cases I got the folowing problem. Database message is the following :

ERROR: out of memory
DETAIL: Failed on request of size 149598040.
CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function ST_Clip(....) line8 at RETURN

My system has allreeady 4 cores running and 8 GB RAM. I did mamy experiments
with the tuning of the postgresql.conf - file, but without any effect. The
raster data is in the file system an just linked to the database.

Hope that is all informationen needed. 
Is there anybody having any idea to solve or to avoid the problem ?

best regard.

Michael Maur

Michael Maur

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