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Horst Düster horst.duester at sourcepole.ch
Thu Apr 14 01:39:53 PDT 2016

Thanks for your response.

I created a workflow how to reproduce the mentioned behaviour:

1. Upload the image clean_tiled.tif to my DB with:
raster2pgsql -t auto -I -f rast clean_tiled.tif | pgsql .....

(Upload file clean_tiled.sql is attached)

2. Create overviews for levels 2,4,8,16,32 with

select st_createoverview('clean_tiled'::regclass, 'rast'::name, 2) etc.

3. Load DB raster to QGIS with DB manager or have a look at [1] to get
the result.

> It could be a bug. A few things to check:
> Is the input already tiled?
Yes, the base layer is tiled. Data source extent 1089x1093 pixel and
tile size is 33x39

> Would it work if you made the input untiled ?
when I use the input untiled it works fine.

> Are all input tiles of the same size ? 
Yes all input tiles have the same size 33x39

> Are the input tiles sizes multiple of the given reduction factor ?
The input tiles sizes are nearly the multiple: 33x28

[1] http://qgiscloud.com/hdus1/st_createoverview

All the best

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