[postgis-users] Query choces on searching too small area

Arjen Haayman Arjen.Haayman at imagem.nl
Fri Dec 16 06:33:32 PST 2016


Limit  (cost=27753.88..27753.89 rows=1 width=819)

  ->  Sort  (cost=27753.88..27753.89 rows=1 width=819)

        Sort Key: photo."photoDirId", photo.foto_nr

        ->  Nested Loop Semi Join  (cost=23473.88..27753.87 rows=1 width=819)

              Join Filter: (photo.id = public."photoMetadata"."photoId")

              ->  Index Scan using photos_geometry_idx on photo  (cost=0.00..5.88 rows=1 width=819)

                    Index Cond: (geometry && '0101000020E6100000AE5F961B7606124045AE449F38F64940'::geometry)

                    Filter: (forsale AND _st_intersects(geometry, '0101000020E6100000AE5F961B7606124045AE449F38F64940'::geometry))

              ->  Hash Join  (cost=23473.88..27735.64 rows=988 width=12)

                    Hash Cond: (public."photoMetadata"."photoId" = public."photoMetadata"."photoId")

                    ->  Nested Loop  (cost=4655.84..8910.14 rows=1977 width=8)

                          ->  HashAggregate  (cost=4655.84..4657.29 rows=145 width=4)

                                ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on "photoMetadata"  (cost=423.06..4650.91 rows=1975 width=4)

                                      Recheck Cond: (((value)::integer >= 1866) AND ((value)::integer <= 1981) AND ((key)::text = 'year'::text))

                                      ->  Bitmap Index Scan on "photoMetadataYear_idx"  (cost=0.00..422.57 rows=1975 width=0)

                                            Index Cond: (((value)::integer >= 1866) AND ((value)::integer <= 1981))

                          ->  Index Scan using "idx_photoId" on "photoMetadata"  (cost=0.00..29.14 rows=14 width=4)

                                Index Cond: (public."photoMetadata"."photoId" = public."photoMetadata"."photoId")

                    ->  Hash  (cost=18806.70..18806.70 rows=907 width=4)

                          ->  HashAggregate  (cost=18788.56..18797.63 rows=907 width=4)

                                ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on "photoMetadata"  (cost=305.07..18757.68 rows=12352 width=4)

                                      Recheck Cond: (((key)::text = 'bron'::text) AND ((value)::text = 'KADASTER'::text))

                                      ->  Bitmap Index Scan on "photoMetadataKeyValueIndex"  (cost=0.00..301.98 rows=12352 width=0)

                                            Index Cond: (((key)::text = 'bron'::text) AND ((value)::text = 'KADASTER'::text))

What does this tell you?
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