[postgis-users] Call for Case Studies and knowledge about who uses PostGIS and how

Nicklas Avén nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no
Wed Mar 9 09:49:36 PST 2016

Hi all

At PostGIS web site http://www.postgis.net, there is a case study list
of PostGIS usage. The list is very short and not touched for some years.

As we all know PostGIS is everywhere. When visiting many news sites all
over the world, their maps is served through CartoDB which is built on
PostGIS. When using Open Street Map, the original data is stored in
PostGIS. Here in Norway, where I live, the National mapping authority
uses PostGIS at least for their web-applications. 

So, we need to update that list.

The reason I thought about this today was that I was asked to defend why
we should use PostGIS at work. That is a situation many can reference
to, and many people have been trying to answer. That PostGIS is an
amazing thing that of course should be the heart in any system handling
spatial data goes without saying. But other peoples usage is good
arguments when trying to describe that for the manager, who haven't
heard about anything without Microsoft or Esri in the product name.

For the purpose of this list of course authorities and well known
companies has a great value. But for the community, reading this list,
all usage is interesting. 

So here is the deal:
Post some rows on this mailing list about how you and your
company/authority uses PostGIS. If you want, feel free to describe how
PostGIS is amazing. 

Then we will try to make a good looking list of the result at

I think it can strengthen the community and PostGIS as a project that we
all see how much it really is used. 

Hoping for many responses from from all parts of the world, and many
different uses.

Best Regards

Nicklas Avén 

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