[postgis-users] Call for Case Studies and knowledge about who uses PostGIS and how

Michal Zimmermann michal.zimmermann at clevermaps.cz
Fri Mar 11 04:08:09 PST 2016

I'm sending the first draft of our PostGIS story.


Clever°Maps’ is a three years old startup based in the Czech 
Republic. We create web apps for four distinct market segments:
1) business/location inteligence - helping companies to make decisions 
based on data, not on feelings
2) farming - simplifying agenda and everyday work
3) road infrastructure administration - settlement of land property 
rights, treaty evidence, speeding up the whole administrative process
4) assets administration - treaty management, land purchases

All our activities take advantage from PostgreSQL as a great DBMS and 
PostGIS as a tool to query for data our apps need. These days we keep a 
complete monthly updated copy of the whole Czech cadastre together with 
LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System), that is more than 650 GB of 
data. We use PostGIS for much more than simple queries (although 
talking millions of parcel lots it is hard to tell them simple anymore):
1) it helped us identify potential issues related to land property 
rights in one of the regions in the Czech Republic
2) we relied on PostGIS heavily during the French LPIS update in 2015
3) it was used during the Czech LPIS controls in 2015 where tens of 
operators were accessing the database, commiting changes to vector 
4) we use it to intersect LPIS lots with cadastral lots to find 
relations between those two datasets
5) we use it to parse the national cadastral topological data format 
(called VFK) - a pretty interesting task that was
6) thanks to continual data update we can watch for treaty changes and 
notify our customers as soon as possible
7) it notifies farmers who use our app of any violation of fertilizers 
usage on their land (e.g. some substances cannot be used nearby water 

Recently our BI team pushed the limits of PostgreSQL/PostGIS trying to 
use it on ~180M rows of spatial data. They eventually ended up using 
Amazon Redshift, but the whole geoprocessing is still done in PostGIS 

We are planning to stick with PostGIS as we consider it a corner stone 
of our success. Combined with other open source tools (QGIS, GeoServer, 
Leaflet) it lets you do great, unexpected things with data you have.

Any suggestions/fixes welcome.

Michal Zimmermann

Vídeňská 101/119,
Vienna Point II
619 00, Brno
Czech Republic
T/  +420 511 188 867
M/ +420 603 513 860
michal.zimmermann at clevermaps.cz

Thank you for considering the environmental
impact of printing emails.

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> From: Stephen Crawford <src176 at psu.edu>
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> Subject: [postgis-users] raster question
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> Hell all,
> I have a table of rasters, daily weather data, each record is one full
> raster and an date column, all the same extent.  One of my use cases 
> is
> to drill down to get the all the data for a month or year one grid
> cell.  Performance is slow.  Should I make tiles of these daily 
> rasters?
> I guess I was under the impression that tiles should be used on a "one
> table per raster" basis, and that "many rasters per table" cannot have
> tiles.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Steve
> --
> Stephen Crawford
> Center for Environmental Informatics
> The Pennsylvania State University
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> From: Andy Colson <andy at squeakycode.net>
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> Subject: Re: [postgis-users] Call for Case Studies and knowledge about
> 	who uses PostGIS and how
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> On 3/9/2016 11:49 AM, Nicklas Avén wrote:
>>  Hi all
>>  At PostGIS web site http://www.postgis.net, there is a case study 
>> list
>>  of PostGIS usage. The list is very short and not touched for some 
>> years.
> Here is a first draft, spelling/fixes/suggestions welcome:
> Vanguard Appraisals is new to the GIS world. In fact, we aren't really
> in the GIS world; we just kind of brush up against it.  We do mass
> property appraisal for entire county and city jurisdictions, and we
> develop software to collect, price and maintain values.  We also host
> assessment data online so that homeowners can search and find property
> information much simpler from the comfort of their own home.  Our
> software and websites are used in 7 states (IA, IL, MN, MO, NE, ND, 
> SD).
> We were happy in our little world, doing parcel stuff, not really
> knowing about or using GIS, but then the landscape started changing, 
> and
> GIS started popping up all over the place.  Our clients starting 
> asking
> us if we could host their GIS data, as well as their parcel data.  
> Some
> of our clients are very small; there is one person in the Assessor's
> office with one computer, no server, and a very small internet pipe.
> Some of our clients are big with many users, multiple servers, and an
> internet pipe that makes me blush. :-)
> We searched and found something that already worked with our favorite
> database: PostgreSQL.  PG is already hosting our parcel data, so it
> seemed like a good idea to let it host our GIS data too. Using PostGIS
> combined with MapServer, Perl and OpenLayers, we came up with online
> maps that fit the bill:
>       1) Great performance.
>       2) Sql:  the ability to write sql to join our existing parcel 
> data
> with GIS data makes it simple to work with, powerful, and fast.
>       3) Free:  because we didn't pay for anything, we didn't charge
> anything.  Government Assessor’s offices don't have to charge tax 
> payers
> to get their GIS online.
> PostGIS has been a great decision.  When one of our programmers came 
> up
> with a crazy idea about doing a sales ratio analysis and highlighting
> all the properties on the map, not only was it possible but not that
> hard to do, and it has already been implemented because of PostGIS.
> I also cannot stress enough how good and helpful the online community
> has been.  I went from knowing nothing about GIS to hosting maps only
> because of them and all the questions they helped with over the years.
> Vanguard Appraisals:  http://camavision.com/
> Assessment Data:  http://iowaassessors.com/
> We host parcel data for all the yellow links, but we don't host the 
> maps
> for all of them.  Some counties we host maps for are: Washington MN,
> Jasper IA, Van Buren IA, Iowa City IA.  Just over 50 counties so far.
> You can find the map embedded into the parcel page:
> http://vanburen.iowaassessors.com/parcel.php?parcel=000600307304130
> or Full Page:
> http://maps.camavision.com/map/jasperia
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