[postgis-users] Converting a LineString to a CompoundCurve

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Fri Oct 7 00:12:18 PDT 2016


I am trying to convert a LineString to a CompoundCurve.

I was trying ST_LineToCurve(), but it seems to return again a LineString ;-(

Casting with ::geometry(CompoundCurve,21781) doesn't work either.

Is this impossible to do or did I miss something?


The reason I want to do it, is that I have some road data which is in 
CompoundCurve type. I want to use ST_LineStubstring() on this geometry, 
so I use ST_CurveToLine(). I want to convert the result back into a 
CompoundCurve, for being able to store it in a table which has a 
constraint on CompoundCurve type.

Thank you, if you have an idea!


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