[postgis-users] Late to the party: upgrading F23->F24, PostgreSQL 9.4.9->9.5.4, PostGIS 2.1.8->2.2.1

Max Pyziur pyz at brama.com
Mon Oct 31 16:06:59 PDT 2016


I have a series of machines on which I run Fedora along with PostgreSQL & 
PostGIS (two laptops & a desktop). I've begun upgrading these machines 
starting with the least used/critical one.

I've run into what seems to be typical w/in the PostgreSQL/PostGIS 
community as expressed in the subject line: there are several challenges 
in upgrading to get to PSQL 9.5.4/PostGIS 2.2.1.

Google returns a few pages where there are explanations on how to upgrade, 
along with a Bugzilla page.

If possible, could someone please recommend the authoritative one of 
these or offer general guidance?

Much thanks.

Max Pyziur
pyz at brama.com

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