[postgis-users] ST_Within with subquery as parameter makes query slow

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue Apr 18 19:09:57 PDT 2017

Yes it's a known issue.  Not just limited ST_Within and I think it has bad affects beyond killing use of index. 
 As a general rule, don't use a sub query in a function call if you can avoid it.

I think Tom Lane explained the issue well a while ago.  Don't have the explanation on hand at moment.

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Recently I wrote this simple query:

  SELECT count (*)
    osm_point AS osm
    ST_Within (
     (SELECT way FROM osm_polygon WHERE osm_id=-51701)
  AND tags @> 'railway=>station';

This was slow (>30 sec.) I then moved the subquery out of ST_Within to the FROM-clause like this:

  SELECT count(*)
    osm_point AS osm,
    (SELECT way FROM osm_polygon WHERE osm_id=-51701) AS ch
    ST_Within(osm.way, ch.way)
  AND tags @> 'railway=>station'

This was faster (5 sec.). As it seems, the presence of the subquery is blocking the inlining of ST_Within. Strange that the call overhead is so high.

Is this effect only bound to ST_Within?
Does anyone know more about this?

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