[postgis-users] Select closest line

Mickael MONSIEUR mickael.monsieur at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 02:24:37 PDT 2017


I imported a kml file with ogr2ogr and I have a well-filled database,
including a "waypoints" table and hexadecimal coordinates in the
"wkb_geometry" column.

I would like with a GPS coordinate, select the closest lines.

I found this function: https://postgis.net/docs/ST_ClosestPoint.html but I
can not put it into practice.

In my result, I would like to have the GPS positions of the nearest line,
as well as the distance in kilometers between the line and my GPS

Someone would have an idea how to do it?

I admit to not being comfortable with the spacial search and the different
types of coordinates (mercator, google, degrees, gps ..) I get lost

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