[postgis-users] Suggestions for manual?

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sat Aug 19 23:26:27 PDT 2017


Best way to make recommendations to documentation is to create a ticket on our ticket system.

Detailed here:

note the changes and also note version of PostGIS documentation you are looking at

This one is simple enough I'll just make the correction.  No need for a ticket.

For more involved changes, it's best to submit a document patch as part of the ticket you create.

Hope that helps,
Regina Obe
PostGIS PSC member

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Can anyone point me at how to make suggestions for the manual?

I was particularly thinking that ST_Distance could do with a 'see also' 
link to ST_HausdorffDistance - which was exactly what I wanted, but took rather too long to find.

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