[postgis-users] Fwd: CREATE EXTENSION postgis returns error

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Tue Feb 7 01:16:26 PST 2017

On Tue, Feb 07, 2017 at 10:04:31AM +0530, Saranya Kuniyil wrote:

> apt-get install liblwgeom-2.3 ....
> /usr/lib/liblwgeom-2.3.so.0: undefined symbol: GEOSClipByRect

It looks like you're missing a version of GEOS >= 3.5.0.

Would be a bug in the package you're installing, not to list that
as a dependency (libgeos-c >= 1.9.0), check with
`apt-cache show liblwgeom-2.3 | grep Maintainer` who you should ask
to fix that, and meanwhile install a newer GEOS yourself.


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