[postgis-users] screen copy with postgis

Olivier Leprêtre o.lepretre at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:48:10 PST 2017



I'm trying to do a "screen copy" from a set of polygons. So I thought that I
could use St_AsRaster and St_AsJpeg as follow, with the selection of two


SELECT ST_AsJPEG(ST_AsRaster(st_collect((Select geom from poly where
gid=605530),(Select geom from poly where gid=605533)),1000,1000,
ARRAY['8BUI', '8BUI', '8BUI'], ARRAY[255,255,255],


I load the result in a C# app which is in charge to save it as a file. This
"works" but I'm loosing the boundaries (tha't to say the red lines in the
image below).


1)    Is there a way to keep those boundaries ?

2)    As I have other layers, like texts, will it be possible to make them
appear also, like a screen copy ?


In other words, more simply, am I on the right way or should I think to a
completely different solution ?






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