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Olivier Leprêtre o.lepretre at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 10:29:43 PST 2017

Well, thanks, could be the explanation.


I tried the query but I get SQLSTATE 53200, out of memory after a few seconds.


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2017-01-09 12:21 GMT-02:00 Rémi Cura <remi.cura at gmail.com>:

postgres 9.4 is non-parallelised, what you see is that postgres use 100% of a core, but the core beig used is rotated,

which mean the average usage of your cpu is 100% / 4 (your number of core),

which might be the explaination for your 30%.

Exactly! I was write something like this.


Please, try the query:


FOR row in

            SELECT DISTINCT ON (t_x.code, t_y.code)



                        ST_Distance(t_x.geom, t_y.geom)

            FROM t_x, t_y

            ORDER BY t_x.code,


                        ST_Distance(t_x.geom, t_y.geom)


            -- Do something here


The query above use less conversions, may be more efficient.



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