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in general, don't use FOR loops if you just want to iterate over query results. You can do that with plain SQL (or SQL function). You could try out the LATERAL construct if you have FOR EACH use cases.

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Yes, you're certainly right, there must be other way of doing that, it's an old bigger script which I was revisiting. I just extracted a small part of it. It uses pgplsql because the purpose is to create tables of results. Using st_AsEwkt was the only way I found to get geometry from a loop and pass it in another loop.

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Somehow I feel there is no need for plpgsql in what you are doing and that indeed the ST_AsEwkt is too much.
I can't wrap my head around what this script is exactly trying to do though. Can you elaborate a bit on your use-case? What is the original data and what would you like to know from it?






On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 7:54 PM, Olivier Leprêtre <o.lepretre at gmail.com[mailto:o.lepretre at gmail.com]> wrote:

I'm using pgplsql to calculate shortest distance between points. This works but I'm wondering if my code is optimized because I'm using many ST_AsEwkt.
sqls='SELECT id code,ST_AsEwkt(ST_StartPoint(the_geom)) as geom1,ST_AsEwkt(ST_EndPoint(the_geom)) as geom2 FROM ' || schem || '.trench';
FOR row IN
            EXECUTE (sqls)
            sqls1='SELECT id code1,ST_Distance(ST_AsEwkt(the_geom),St_AsEwkt(''%2$s'')) FROM %1$s.nodes order by ST_Distance(ST_AsEwkt(the_geom),ST_AsEwkt(''%2$s'')) LIMIT 1';
            FOR row1 IN
                        EXECUTE (sqls1)
Would it be possible to have a smarter syntax with less ST_AsEwkt ?


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