[postgis-users] Adding a position (direction) attribute to a point feature

Brent Wood Brent.Wood at niwa.co.nz
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if you use relative to direction of travel, you'll need separate line features for each segment & direction to be able to work it out.

Instead of using direction of travel you can use degrees to angle relative to direction of linestring (which is pretty much fixed), so +-90, 90/180 and for points on the centreline you can use an artificial value of (say) -999

Or geographic (compass) direction, ie: degrees expressing NSEW relative to the road, which is totally fixed, being absolute & independent rather than relative..

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I have a a point feature (representing street signs).

I would like to do the following:

1. add street segment name to the point feature (I will create a buffer around my street segment and perform a spatial join)

2. add on which side of the street segment is the point feature located (options are left, right, centre), this is where I stuck - what would be the best approach to deal with my use case

[Inline image 1]
Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



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