[postgis-users] Permute raster's dimensions (flip raster's coordinates)

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Nov 17 14:45:51 PST 2017

You can use ST_SetUpperLeft to reset the  cords.  There isn't any information in the pixels itself, it is all in the metadata of the raster.





So something like


UPDATE your_table SET rast = ST_SetUpperLeft(rast, ST_UpperLeftY(rast), ST_UpperLeftX(rast) );


Depending on how messed up your lat/lon / order you assumed direction of pixels, you may need to use Georeference instead as your scalex/y may be wrong too.

Changing the GeoReference will allow you to change upper left in addition to scale x/ y with a single update.




Note you may need to drop whatever scale constraints you have on raster first before you can use this.


Hope that helps,






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Is there any way to permute lat/lon (x/y) coordinates in a raster, i.e. how to achieve something similar to st_flipcoordinates behaviour for rasters?


Thank you.

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