[postgis-users] Large 3D triangluar meshes - good fit?

Eric knacktus at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 26 00:27:42 PST 2017

Hi all,

I'm completely new to PostGIS and spatial DBs, but not to Postgres. I've 
scanned the docs and saw that PosGIS can do a lot, but that it also 
needs some proper learning.

So, before I dive into PostGIS, I'd like to ask you about your opinion. 
How good does PostGIS fit in the following use-case?

- objects of large 3D triangular meshes; up to 50 000 triangles per object
- up to 10 000 objects in a scene
- overall about 50 000 000 triangles in a scene

- get all objects inside a volume (box, cube and capped pyramid - like a 
frustum) - based on the bounding box
- get all triangles inside a volume, where the triangles can be filtered 
prior this check.
- order triangles by coordinate

Performance does matter. Queries should be roughly in the order of ~ 100 
ms. (I have absolutely no idea if this is realistic ...). Available 
infrastructure is quite capable (128 GB ram 16 Cores).

Thanks and best regards,


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