[postgis-users] voronoi fails on regular grid

J.J. Green j.j.green at gmx.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 13:33:16 PST 2018


> It seems this was recently proposed by Dan Baston in his post:
> http://www.danbaston.com/posts/2018/02/15/optimizing-postgis-geometries.html

Ah, I saw that, a neat idea

> How about we bitset the tail up to EPSILON_SQLMM on Voronoi failure and 
> try again?
> J.J.Green, can you share your geometry as binary representation so we 
> can see if this workaround helps?

I have added it to the gist at


I've not made any attempt to minimise this, it's the original
full dataset of ~ 1300 points in 3857 off the coast of Norway.


J.J. Green

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