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Roxanne Reid-Bennett rox at tara-lu.com
Sun Nov 4 09:37:02 PST 2018

We've used PostGIS to support agriculture for the last 7 years.
Our use cases are pretty straight forward

  * ST_Intersects, Union for Polygons and  MultiPolygons
  * Generation of Poly's from Area around Linestrings
  * Generation of Poly's from Area around Points turned into a Unioned Poly
  * Generation of Linestrings from a series of points
  * Dealing with snarls in points as a result of GPS drift while the
    machine sits still, fondly termed snowballs
  * Strategic use of ST_Buffer to correct for precision differences in
  * Automated alternate strategies for ST_Interesects failures that
    generally are recoverable (e.g. lines or points overlap each other


On 10/26/2018 10:05 AM, Regina Obe wrote:
> Hey all.  So we've been in talks with our editor about having a 3rd Edition
> of PostGIS hopefully to be released around the same time as PostGIS 3.0.
> I think they are more or less sold on the idea except they did ask about
> current market share and usage.
> Part of the reason for that is our previous editions focused a lot on  "How
> do I use this function or do this weird sounding thing that only GIS people
> can make sense of"  instead of "How do I do this real world thing"
> So one of the thoughts was having our table of contents be more like "How do
> I do this with PostGIS" in somewhat laymen terms that most people can relate
> to - like Political Districting, Real Estate analysis (walk scores,
> elevation measurements to determine viablility of building on a plot of
> land)
>   without scaring people off with "real world things" they can't relate to or
> in overly techy terms.
> Also since the 2nd Edition (which was in 2015 super ancient now since the
> New shiny version at the time was 2.1 and 2.1 is not even supported
> anymore).
> Other major thing changed is a lot of people are deploying PostGIS on cloud
> offerings like Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, and Google PostgreSQL for Cloud
> so we plan to cover a bit about some things relevant in those that may not
> be relevant when deploying on your own server.
> That said, if people can respond with what things they are currently using
> PostGIS for and also what hosting they are using for PostGIS, that would be
> helpful for us to get a better idea of focus points.
> It'd be great if you posted on the list, but if you are shy or need your
> usage anonymized, you can write directly to me.
> Thanks,
> Regina
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