[postgis-users] raster2pgsql binary in apt distros

Nils Nolde nilsnolde at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 02:54:42 PST 2018


I had trouble accessing the raster2pgsql binary with different apt postgresql-x-postgis-x distros in the past. It’s not callable as executable and I can’t find it in the usual bin/ directories. I can only access it when installing ‘apt-get install postgis’ which leaves me with a postgresql v10 distro. Not a dealbreaker, but a bit annoying. So my questions are:

- how can I access raster2pgsql in a postgres specific postgis version from apt, e.g. postgresql-9.6-postgis-2.4?

- is there a way to compile the tool independent of a postgis installation, as to not have a full postgres installation for just using raster2pgsql? Context: sometimes I only need the tool in a docker container to update an external database. 

Or does it need compilation against specific postgis versions? I guess GDAL is a dependency, but the produced .sql should be rather independent of postgis versions right?

Of course I could write my own sql statements for raster import, but it’s sooo convenient:)

Many thanks

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