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I'm in a situation where I need to ST_Union or ST_Collect some osm_county Polygon (not MultiPolygon) data for Ireland.

Now, because ST_Union or ST_Collect do not support geography, I cast to geometry before calling.

select min(a.osm_id) as osm_id,
        count(*) as parts,
        ST_Union(a.geog4326::geometry)::geography as geog4326 -- or ST_Collect
 from data.osm_county as a
group by a.name;

Whence I get this:

ERROR: lwgeom_area_spher(oid) returned area < 0.0

Investigating I get results like this:

select distinct st_isvalidreason(a.geog4326::geometry) from data.osm_county as a;

"Hole lies outside shell[-10.2589459 53.9746452]"

I guess this is expected because geodetic lines in the source geography are being treated as straight in the cast'd geometry.

If I use ST_Transform to project a 4326 poly to a 3857 and then call the ST_Union aggregate, or identify a single geography that has the invalidity and execute a self-union, I get the following in both situations.

ERROR: GEOSUnaryUnion: TopologyException: Input geom 0 is invalid: Hole lies outside shell at or near point -1148162.9982628345 7095296.1166736316 at -1148162.9982628345 7095296.1166736316

I can't for the life of me work out how to complete the aggregated ST_Union on the 4326 geography data.

Anyone point out what I am doing wrong or give me a pointer to what I can do to achieve the aggregated union?

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