[postgis-users] how to sum two point geometries

Antonio Silva aolinto.lst at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 06:49:37 PST 2019

Hello list!

Here goes my first e-mail to this list. My name is Antonio Olinto and I
work with fisheries research at São Paulo Fisheries Institute, Brazil.

I have a point geometry field in a table and I want to add -0.5° to both
longitude and latitude.

Suppose I have a point at 010100000000000000000047C000000000000038C0
(-46,-24) and I want to add 0101000000000000000000E0BF000000000000E0BF
(-0.5,-05) to have 010100000000000000004047C000000000008038C0 (-46.5,-24.5).

What I'm doing is

Is there any way to do the sum using only geometries? Something like?
SELECT ST_SUM('010100000000000000000047C000000000000038C0',

Thanks for any suggestion. Best regards.

Antônio Olinto
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