[postgis-users] PostGIS 2.0 Shapefile and DBF Loader

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Mar 22 11:12:47 PDT 2019



Do you compile your own PostGIS or you get from a distribution.  We still have shp2pgsql-gui in PostGIS code base, and I still ship it as part of the Windows EDB builds.


Unfortunately pgAdmin4 plugin architecture changed from pgAdmin3 days, so shp2gpsql-gui cannot work as a plugin under pgAdmin4.


I took it out of our upcoming PostGIS In Action book we are doing because of that and hoping we'll have a replacement for it soon that piggy backs on shp2pgsql commandline.




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I have a Macbook Pro and am using PGAdmin 4 and PostGIS. I cannot seem to find the PostGIS 2.0 Shapefile and DBF Loader. Can anyone help with this? Is there something else I need to download? Thanks.

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