[postgis-users] Cache lookup failed for function 1 while activating PostGIS

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Mar 25 07:00:35 PDT 2019

Some questions to troubleshoot:


1)      I assume you did 




To enable it?


2)      Can you create another extension and it works or you get same error.  E.g. does



Work?  If so it's not a PostGIS issue and something wrong with your system or install.

That error often occurs if you had a server crash or something similar the corrupted system tables or indexes.

You could try to reindex the pg_proc table.


3)      What version of PostGIS did you install?


Hope that helps,



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I'm using PostgreSQL 10.5 on a remote server (Debian). I created a database inside then I attempted to enable PostGIS but it wasn't successful.

I had this error : cache lookup failed for function 1

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