[postgis-users] Cache lookup failed for function 1 whileactivating PostGIS

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Mar 25 08:26:47 PDT 2019

You said other extensions did not work.

Can you give an example of one that didn't work?


Could be a mix of old stuff from the 9.x install.  


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Actually, I’ve just started working on this server and I was told that they used to work with the 9.x version of postgresql then they decided to upgrade it to 10.5. 


I don’t know how the upgrade was executed but I suspect it to be done in the wrong way so that postgis is not working anymore. 


Most of databases on this server are not using Postgis extension except one and it’s working fine so you can manipulate geometric data as you like, but when you try to create a new db and activate postgis, it renders you the previous error. 


To overcome this, I made a duplicate to this database and work with it for my special needs. I believe that this issue must be solved so at this level I have no clue. Do I have to backup all the databases and uninstall completely Postgres and postgis as well and redo the installation or is there any quick and safe way to solve this issue? 


I’m pretty lost with this.


Thanks for your assistance


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