[postgis-users] PostgreSQL 12 windows 64-bit builds for PostGIS 3.0.0

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue Oct 8 00:33:55 PDT 2019

A number of people have asked about why the Windows EDB Stackbuilder doesn't
have a spatial section yet for the newly released PostgreSQL 12.

This will be coming soon after we release PostGIS 3.0.0.


In the meantime, you can find binaries for PostGIS 3.0.0rc1, pgRouting
3.0.0-alpha, osm2pgrouting 1.3.6, ogrfdw 1.0.8 (in extras folder)




I plan to make a trial installer before final release of PostGIS 3.0.0.
Unfortunately one piece I may not be able to include is the pgpointcloud
extension as I'm having difficulty compiling that against PostgreSQL 12.

For older versions of PostgreSQL I have PostGIS 3.0.0RC1 packaged as well,
but they are using a newer build environment than what was used for lower
versions of PostGIS so may not play well with the PostGIS 2.5 or lower you
may have installed.




PostGIS Windows Bundle Packager






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