[postgis-users] Ideas for 3D snapping for linestrings

Alexandre Neto senhor.neto at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 18:42:35 PDT 2020


In the past I have successfully been able to fix linestring topology
problems (undershoots and overshoots) by using the following approach:

- identify startpoints and endpoints closer to another line less than a
given distance;
- determine the closest point to that other line;
- use a collection of closest points as input to ST_snap, to force the
lines to pass on those points.

This works fine for 2D linestrings, but know I need to make the Z values of
those touching vertexes also match. If I am not wrong, ST_snap only works
for 2D, Any ideas of how to assign the same Z to vertexes that have the
same XY?


Alexandre Neto

Now, I also need to do it in 3D, any
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