[postgis-users] Doubt about toTopoGeom tolerance

Alexandre Silva amsilva at infoportugal.impresa.pt
Mon Jun 29 09:53:47 PDT 2020


I have trying using the topology to correct some data with marginal errors and in some particular cases i'd like to use a higher snap tolerance than the defined in the topology.
The topology has a tolerance of 0.01m (using a metric projection) and some lines need an higher tolerance of 0.1m to be fixed. Here's the code i used to create the topology and to fix the particular cases:

SELECT topology.CreateTopology('a_topology', 3763, 0.01, true);

UPDATE lines_table
SET topo = topology.toTopoGeom(geom, 'a_topology', 1, 0.1)
WHERE id = 1263;

Even though the line is closer than 0.1m to another line, it isn't snapped. Am i thinking wrong here? Shouldn't the line be snapped? Which of the tolerances prevails?
If this is the expected behaviour is there a better way to do what i'm trying to do?

Thanks in advance,

Alexandre Silva

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