[postgis-users] Implementation of postgis interoperability with R

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Thu Mar 12 19:35:58 PDT 2020

(a) do you already know the authority and code? Then first use those
to look-up the SRID in spatial_ref_sys (select srid from
spatial_ref_sys where auth_name = 'EPSG' and auth_code = 14234)
(b) do you only have WKT input? Then, sInce you have access to proj on
the R side, I'd suggest instantiating your const PJ *obj, and then
using proj_identify() to see if proj can look up your projection with
a good match. Maybe it can!
(c) try a text lookup, it will probably fail, since as you note
there's a million ways text representations can differ while still
being the same.


On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 8:20 AM Etienne B. Racine <etiennebr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear list,
> I'm currently updating the simple feature package for R to use the latest proj6 to interact with postgis. One of the things we perform behind the scene is synching the projections between R and postgis.
> The current version of the package provides interoperability in two ways: read and write data to postgis, and allow the user to write R code that is executed, as SQL, on the remote database, just like a normal data.frame (R tables).
> Our current implementation relies on epsg code and proj4string matching to synch database srid with the local crs, but with PROJ6, we need to add proj wkt matching.
> Two questions:
> This is how I plan to adapt the projection synching, any suggestion for improvement or pointer to other implementations would be much appreciated:
> 1. Match local epsg code and srid, create a crs in R using the `srtext` and check that the two projections are equivalent using `IsSame` from OGRSpatialReference.
> 2. No matching code, so check `spatial_ref_sys` table to see if a proj WKT would match any `srtext` (slow and not very robust, I have a follow up question)
> 3. No matching code and no WKT match, so try to match proj4string.
> 4. Clearly no matching projection, so insert new srid in `spatial_ref_sys` and set `srid = max(srid) + 1`, `auth_name = 'sf'` (the simple feature package in R is called sf).
> 5. If it fails (e.g. lack of permission), then error and ask the user to change the projection, or use srid = 0.
> Is string matching `=` the best way to match a `srtext` and `proj4string` in  `spatial_ref_sys`?
> ``` sql
> select * from spatial_ref_sys where srtext = {wkt};
> ```
> But `=` obviously rejects matches if parameters are ordered differently (and I suspect we could have issues with encoding). One solution is to read `spatial_ref_sys` to R, and match there, but it is very very slow since it requires to parse all the wkt to create a projection, and then perform a comparison with OGRSpatialReference->IsSame on every projection.
> Thanks for your help!
> Etienne
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