[postgis-users] extending sides of parcels to cut/intersect roads before merge

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Tue Mar 31 10:13:50 PDT 2020

So far the closest option I found towards generating geometries in order to
cut the unwanted roads ( before merging to the land use it shares the
longest boundary with) is using the function . That will generate lines (see
dotted red line in graph 4

I used this simple query to get this above example in QGIS:
SELECT id, ST_StraightSkeleton(geom), attr1 FROM parcels;
Going forward I could create workflow similar to
limit the query to only the respective roads, generate the skeleton lines,
convert the roads to lines then generate a polygon geometry of the skeleton
lines and roads lines, replace the former roads polygon geometries in the
land use layer with the new polygon (skeleton-roads) geometry before merging
parcels by land use type.
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