[postgis-users] Fuzzy Address Matching - PostgreSql equivalent to FuzzyStringComparer using Python difflib module

Shaozhong SHI shishaozhong at gmail.com
Mon May 11 09:24:11 PDT 2020


I got a few questions as follows:

1.  Which one is the best way for Fuzzy Address Matching?

2.  FME FuzzyStringComparer uses  Python difflib module.  Which one in
Postgres is equivalent or similar to it?

3.  Often, addresses collected by different people may well be correct.
But, there may be typing errors, or addresses are composed not in a
consistent manner.

For instance, South Great Avenue, A City, Planet Earth may be put down as
the following:

S. Great Aveue, City A, Earth Planet
Great Avene South, A City, Earth Planet
Great Avenue S, A City, Planet Earth

Surely, there would be solutions to deal with this problem.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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