[postgis-users] Fuzzy Address Matching - PostgreSql equivalent to FuzzyStringComparer using Python difflib module

Imre Samu pella.samu at gmail.com
Mon May 11 10:15:58 PDT 2020

> ... Fuzzy Address Matching? ...
> For instance, South Great Avenue, A City, Planet Earth may be put down as
the following:

sometimes .. the same  country/city/building   -  has a different names ..

"A City"  example:

"Beč (Croatian, Serbian, older Bulgarian), Beç (older Turkish)*, Bech or
Vidnya (Romani), Bécs (Hungarian)*, Bin / Pin - 빈 (Korean), Dunaj
(Slovene)*, Fienna (Welsh), Vedunia (Celtic), Vena - Вена (Russian), Vídeň
(Czech)*, Viden' / Videň (Ukrainian)*, Viedeň (Slovak), Viên (Vietnamese),
Viena / Vijena/ Виена (Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian), Viena (Catalan*,
Lithuanian, Portuguese*, Romanian*, Spanish*, Tagalog*), Vienna (Italian)*,
Vienne (French)*, Viénni - Βιέννη (Greek), Vieno (Esperanto), Viin
(Estonian), Vin - װין (Yiddish), Vín (Irish, Icelandic), Vina - וינה
(Hebrew), Vínarborg (Icelandic variant), Vindobona (Latin), Vīne
(Latvian)*, Viyana (Turkish)*, Vjenë (Albanian), Vjenna (Maltese), Vyana
(Azeri), Wean (local Viennese, Austrian and Bavarian dialects)*, Weiyena -
維也納 (Chinese)*, Wene (Afrikaans), Wenen (Dutch)*, Wiedeń (Polish)*, Wien
(Danish*, Finnish*, German*, Norwegian*, Swedish*), Wīn - ウィーン (Japanese)*,
Wina (Indonesian), فيينا (Arabic), وين (Persian)"

or see the Nominatim names for Vienna:

And sometimes - the buildings has a different names ...
- Wien Rathaus (name)
- Ратуша (name:be)
- Vídeňská radnice (name:cs)
- Rathaus (name:de)
- Vienna City Hall (name:en)
- 市庁舎 (name:ja)
- Ратуша (name:ru)
- Віденська ратуша (name:uk)


Shaozhong SHI <shishaozhong at gmail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. máj. 11.,
H, 18:24):

> Hello,
> I got a few questions as follows:
> 1.  Which one is the best way for Fuzzy Address Matching?
> 2.  FME FuzzyStringComparer uses  Python difflib module.  Which one in
> Postgres is equivalent or similar to it?
> 3.  Often, addresses collected by different people may well be correct.
> But, there may be typing errors, or addresses are composed not in a
> consistent manner.
> For instance, South Great Avenue, A City, Planet Earth may be put down as
> the following:
> S. Great Aveue, City A, Earth Planet
> Great Avene South, A City, Earth Planet
> Great Avenue S, A City, Planet Earth
> Surely, there would be solutions to deal with this problem.
> Can anyone enlighten me?
> Regards,
> Shao
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