[postgis-users] join multiple tables by id, and select all

Hugues François hugues.francois at inrae.fr
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Sounds more like a general PostgreSQL question rather than a PostGIS one. 

However, I guess you could build the list of unique variables as a string using queries on catalog tables embbeded in a PLPG function (or any other language depending on your work environment). 


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Objet: [postgis-users] join multiple tables by id, and select all 

Hi, I tried the following for joining multiple tables by id, and select all into a new table. 
However, it will not work because id gets repeated. How to select all except one column? 

select a.*, b.*, c.*, d.* 
into new_table 
from a_table a 
join b_table b on [ http://a.id/ | a.id ] = [ http://b.id/ | b.id ] 
join c_table c on [ http://a.id/ | a.id ] = [ http://c.id/ | c.id ] 
join d_table d on [ http://a.id/ | a.id ] = [ http://d.id/ | d.id ] 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 



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