[postgis-users] Promoting PostgreSQL and PostGIS to wider business intelligence community

Bruce Rindahl bruce.rindahl at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 14:28:58 PDT 2020

We have a great use case for using PostGIS with ArcGIS.  The secret is
connecting to PostGIS via a query layer.  I connect to a view in PostGIS
and ArcGIS figures it out just fine (maybe with a little help).
Why PostGIS?  Because the data is constantly changing.  One layer is the
current rainfall from our gauges and can change every 2 minutes.  Another
layer is predicted inundation from flooding.  The PostGIS table has
numerous areas at various flooding discharges but the view only shows what
our models are predicting.  This is all behind the scenes and ArcGIS just
shows what we want.
QGIS does it even better but nobody here uses it.
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