[postgis-users] qGIS and PostGIS Raster

Simon SPDBA Greener simon at spdba.com.au
Tue Mar 16 19:16:27 PDT 2021

Anyone point me as to what might cause qGIS 3.16.4-Hannover to not add a 
PostGIS raster?

(Is the problem qGIS or PostGIS?)

Invalid Layer: Raster layer Provider is not valid (provider: 
postgresraster, URI: PG: dbname='gisdb' host=localhost port=5432 
sslmode=disable mode=2 schema='public' column='rast' table='gbr100x100d2'

What is "not valid"?

Select postgis_full_version()

"POSTGIS=""2.3.0 r15146"" GEOS=""3.7.0-CAPI-1.11.0 3.7.0"" 
SFCGAL=""1.3.2"" PROJ=""Rel. 4.9.3, 15 August 2016"" GDAL=""GDAL 2.2.4, 
released 2018/03/19"" LIBXML=""2.7.8"" LIBJSON=""0.12"" TOPOLOGY RASTER"

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