[postgis-users] Which version of pgAdmin is robust?

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Oct 27 08:39:58 PDT 2021

pgAdmin 6.1 has been pretty good for me too on windows.  Only issue I have with it which I haven’t figured out is opening a new query window is kinda slow, but I think this is a regression, which I haven’t figured out when it started happening.


pgAdmin 4.1 was a dog as I recall.  You should really upgrade to 5.1 or higher


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I'm running version 6.1 on Fedora linux. I tend to leave it open in my browser so I can do a quick query. It has been running for a day and a half with no problems since my last reboot.


I'd recommend looking into upgrading pgadmin.





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My pgAdmin 4.1 does not load at all.


Which version is robust?





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