[postgis-users] Configuration and performance of PostGIS

Shaozhong SHI shishaozhong at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:19:22 PDT 2022

Whenever geospatial functions such as St_intersects or recursive query
used, the PostGIS appears to spawn away to many child queries and just
obliterate the CPU.  Nothing finishes.

That forced me to try out to do the some tasks on the FME server.

I tried to use this http://blog.cleverelephant.ca/2010/07/network
-walking-in-postgis.html in the PostGIS.

I tried to linecombiner in FME.  LineCombiner | FME (safe.com)

With a large data set, the running of processors were monitored.  It was
estimated the PostGIS one would take 16 days to complete.

But, it only took a few minute to do the same thing in FME.

This suggests that something is not right with the PostGIS Server.

Have anyone got experience with configuration and improving perfomance of
PostGIS Server?


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