[postgis-users] PostGIS 3.2.0 Bundle for Windows 64-bit 9.6-14

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Jan 5 18:50:21 PST 2022

The PostGIS 3.2.0 Bundle for Windows 64-bit PostgreSQL 9.6-14 are available
on OSGeo download and thru application stackbuilder


PostGIS 3.2.0 bundle includes:

    PostGIS 3.2.0 with MVT support, with raster, GEOS 3.10.1, PROJ 7.2.1,
SFCGAL support (1.4.0), address_standardizer, topology
    PostGIS Tiger geocoder extension 
    pgRouting 3.3 pgRouting 3.3.0
    Commandline raster loader (raster2pgsql), shapefile import/export
    Commandline osm2pgrouting 2.3.8 for loading data from .osm files into
pgRouting routable format
    GUI: shp2pgsql-gui which has both import and export support for

    ogrfdw 1.1.1 - spatial foreign data wrapper for reading both spatial
(spatial columns become postgis geometry) and non-spatial data. IMPORT
FOREIGN SCHEMA support New features in 1.1 - character_encoding option and
utility functions ogr_fdw_drivers(), ogr_fdw_version()

    GDAL 3.3.3 with OpenJPEG 2.3.1 (JPEG 2000), ODBC, Curl, SQLite3 (for
GeoPackage and OSM support), excel (XLS) (via FreeXL 1.0.6), libreoffice,
XLSX spreadsheet (via expat) (used by both PostGIS raster and ogrfdw)
    pgpointcloud 1.2.0 (only the 64-bit packages have this) for querying
LIDAR point cloud and in/out functions to convert to PostGIS geometry


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