[postgis-users] Getting data from table with interval

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Fri Jan 7 11:54:01 PST 2022

> Well, this was a very hard job...
> I got the EU-DEM data from
> https://land.copernicus.eu/imagery-in-situ/eu-dem/eu-dem-v1.1?tab=download
> Then I converted the 38GB TIFFs in an SQL database. First of all, I
> reduced the precision, since 25 meter is for flying too much precision.
> One or two kilometer is enough.
> With gdalwarp I reduced the precision to 2 km, then I wrote a Python
> script to read the data from the reduces TIFF and create an SQL file to
> import in the database.
> Last but not least, since I need to import the data in my App, splitted
> by country, I create a table joining the data from elevation with the
> ways of all countries in Europe I calculated from OpenStreetMaps.
> It works, and I have in my App the vertical profile of the fly...
> Now I wanted to have an API to the data to use them in another program
> to plan the flights...

Could you dump the table and put it somewhere? I just want to use it to write up a little blog post.


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