[postgis-users] [postgis-devel] Error Upgrading PostGIS 2.5.4 to 3.1.2

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Tue Apr 18 04:44:04 PDT 2023

On Tue, Apr 18, 2023 at 12:14:55AM +0530, Nikhil Shetty wrote:

> We will try upgrading to 3.1.5

I'd go to 3.1.8 which came out on 2022/11/12
All these patch-level releases really ONLY contain bug fixes,
no new features, no new bugs.

If you upgrade to 3.1.5 you'll miss all the following fixes,
some of which are security releated. Why holding back ?

  PostGIS 3.1.8

  * Bug and Security Fixes
    - [security] Add schema qual to upgrade util (Regina Obe)
    - #5240, ST_DumpPoints crash with empty polygon (Regina Obe)
    - #4648, [security] Check function ownership at extension packaging
             time (Sandro Santilli)
      Thanks to Sven Klemm (Timescale) for the report
    - #5241, Crash on ST_SnapToGrid with empty multis (Regina Obe)
    - #5234, Fix 2.5d topology building regression (Sandro Santilli)
    - #5280, Handle load of dbase character fields with no width
             specified (Regina Obe)
    - #5084, Bad rasterization of linestring (Gilles Vuidel)

  PostGIS 3.1.7

  * Bug Fixes
    - #5191, Use integer instead of int4 (Regina Obe)
    - #5139, PostGIS causes to_jsonb to no longer be parallel safe,
             ST_AsGeoJSON and ST_AsGML are also parallel unsafe
             (Regina Obe, Paul Ramsey)
    - #5202, Guard against downgrades (Sandro Santilli)
    - #5209, #5210, Fix upgrades with CVE-2022-2625 PostgreSQL fix
    - #5032, Correctly read extent off multi-key GIST indexes (Paul Ramsey)
    - #5181, Reset proj error state after failed parse (Paul Ramsey)
    - #5171, Short circuit geodesic distance when inputs equal (Paul Ramsey)
    - Fix potential buffer overflow in long transaction locks (Paul

  PostGIS 3.1.6

  * Bug Fixes
    - #4835, Occasional distance errors in polar area (Paul Ramsey)
    - #5152, Fix infinite loop with ST_Split (Sandro Santilli)
    - #5120, Fix not-null result from ST_EstimatedExtent against
             truncated tables with spatial index (Sandro Santilli)
    - #5076, Avoid log storm installed with pgaudit enabled (Paul Ramsey)
    - #5100, Stop using pg_atoi, removed in PG 15 (Laurenz Albe)
    - #5115, Allow dropping topologies with pending constraints (Sandro Santilli)
    - #5151, ST_SetPoint with empty geometries (Regina Obe)
    - #5150, Change signature of AddToSearchPath (Regina Obe)
    - #5125, Fix search path function (Sandro Santilli)
    - #5155, More schema qual fixes (Regina Obe)
    - #5114, Crash with long column names in pgsql2shp (Paul Ramsey)
    - #4541, ST_ConcaveHull returns a "geometrycollection" type
             instead of the expected "polygon" (Regina Obe)
    - #5154, raster ST_Value is undercosted (Regina Obe)


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